Las Comadres Retreat

2020 Gets to be a Year of Growth, Sisterhood, and Ease.

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Friday December, 13th at 4pm through Sunday 15th at 12pm


Beautiful home in Stuart, FL (A 2-hour drive from Miami, FL)


Catered by Vesta Foods

(Room & Meals Included)


The Las Comadres Retreat is a time to go deep within to:

  • observe what worked in 2019

  • identify what we’re willing to give up

  • declare how to shift in 2020

This retreat is about YOU! Your business and your life is defined by your presence and what you bring to it. This retreat is centered on knowing yourself more fully and stepping into your Power.


We’ll be playing, holding ceremony, manifesting, nourishing our bodies, and transforming before each other’s eyes.

Fully supported, taught and guided by some of the most powerful healers and lightworkers in our community, we will create a safe space for deep and compassionate self awareness, and we will celebrate bold and powerful soul-work leaving you stepping into your deepest power in 2020.


We will guide you soulful, flowing days with:

  • Breathwork sessions

  • Sound bowl meditations

  • Powerful transformational exercises 

  • Soulful ceremony to connect, release, and declare your true self

Our hosts



As an intuitive mindset coach who works with high-performing leaders, I have a passion for helping people create a roadmap to achieve their highest aspirations. 

With more than two decades as a personal trainer and certified holistic health coach I understand how to motivate others to master habit change, reconnect with their purpose and create more fulfillment in their lives.

I have created personal development programs for retreat centers, women wellness programs and seminars. I bring a wide range of healing modalities, mindset techniques and interactive exercises into my work to inspire people and create long-lasting mindset change. 

MARIANNA LOPEZ, sound healer


I spent my youth between Miami, Argentina, and Switzerland. Yoga and meditation came into my life in my early 20s when I began practicing Swasthya Yoga. Combining breath with meditation became a powerful tool to deal with my own anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and seasonal depression.

After losing both my younger brother and father, unexpectedly, I sought traditional therapy to help cope with the loss, and I felt disconnected, Soon after, I dove deeply into alternative healing, and decided that I would heal myself by helping others heal. My passion is to be a space for others to discover their light, embrace their shadow and find a balanced, joyful life. I work with you to clear out what no longer serves you, so you can have the life of your dreams. This may include some tough love and tears, but then you will suddenly find yourself walking the walk and talking the talk.



I am dedicated to the physical and spiritual growth of my clients. I’m an upledger trained Craniosacral Therapist specializing in immune dysfunction/dis-ease, chronic pain, obstetrics, pediatrics and women’s health.

My hypnosis specialities are comprised of re-awakening the deeper sense of self, connecting to the Divine within, rebalancing the body during times of illness such as cancer, fertility abundance, birth preparation, and releasing trauma from the mind and body.

I am currently writing a book on Womb Wisdom which is a collection of knowledge gathered from over a decade in women’s health and channeling from the Divine about lineage release and the deeper wisdom and connection that lies in the womb space.

patty suau, artist


I am an artist who empowers others to explore sensuality and pleasure through their own creativity and imagination. By bringing sex out of the shadows and into the light, my drawings represent what I want to heal, explore and share intimately with the world. 

Sex is the space where we express ourselves and explore human connection. Yet it is often where shame, guilt and taboos quietly exist. My work brings to life the beauty of intimate connection through playful vulnerability.



I’m committed to empowering women to be who they really are, so they can be free.

Through experiences like "The Board Ritual" and the women entrepreneur community, Las Comadres, I help women develop the clarity, confidence, and support they need. I’m proud to create spaces that invite women to connect deeply to themselves and each other, dream as big as they want to dream, and go after it.

Here’s how you can join us:

There are only 12 spots available for this experience.

Early Bird Pricing through friday, october 18th

Choose from these options:

Pay In Full $1,000 OR

Installments (Deposit of $400 (2) Payments of $350 by Dec. 1)

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We’ll see you there!