Our Manifesto

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 Las Comadres is a community for self-identifying women to come together in a true inclusive sisterhood to uplift one another in life and business. 

Las Comadres is open to all women with an entrepreneurial spirit everywhere. Women of all races, ages, backgrounds, life experiences, cisgender women and trans women are welcome here.

If you identify with womanhood and you feel called to be here, you belong here


Comadre is what mothers and godmothers call one another. This relationship represents a profound connection - in which we trust ourselves with the deepest pieces of our lives. We are guardians of each other’s dreams and successes. 

Las Comadres is a space to show up with vulnerability and courage and see ourselves in each other. 
When we come together, we are brave enough to show up as our authentic selves and we all get free. 
When women are in their true authentic power we are powerful leaders in our homes and in our communities. We transform the world into a more just, equitable, joyful, creative, connected and prosperous place. 



Showing Up: This is a community where you set an intention, make a commitment, and show up. The more you put into it, the more you will receive in return. Your experience is yours. We invite you to own it.  

An Anti-Racist Practice: When you are part of Las Comadres, you commit to an anti-racist practice. This means we actively work to dismantle white supremacy. We face how it harms all of us and permeates every realm of our lives - from our own biases, to childbirth to funding for your business. That means we stand for justice, we stand for Black lives, and for all BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color). An anti-racist practice is essential for the true sisterhood we are creating in this community everyday. We do it with humility, openness, and respect. Until we are all free, none of us are free. 

Practicing Vulnerability: We want to see and know the whole you - the light and the dark, the parts of you that you celebrate and the ones you fear. Las Comadres is about showing up whole beyond business in sharing and celebration of our full lives. 

Going Outside of your Comfort Zone: Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone. This is why you joined - to try new things, to be courageous, to grow. You know that thing that scares you because you know how powerful you’ll feel if you do it? You get to do it here. In community.



Intimacy & Fun: Las Comadres is about deep connections and about reclaiming the power and joy in our authentic relationships with one another. We show up as a mirror to one another as we support each other.  

Accountability: Simply being in this community serves to inspire and light a fire to do what you know is calling you. You have the opportunity to take this to a new level and join an Accountability group. We hold each other high here, and we support each other in creating the lives we want. 

Growth: We encourage you to step into your growth here - both spiritual and in business - whether through watching a Masterclass, attending a Sister Circle, and learning through one another’s experiences. We promote a culture of expansion for your spirit, your creativity, and your prosperity. 

Owning Your Power: In this community you’ll be invited to step up as a leader beyond your inner circle. Each of us can have a powerful and lasting impact. This power is founded on our anti-racist, feminist framework. This power is about embracing and redefining leadership grounded in reclaiming your sacred feminine energy. In this community you commit to owning not only your own power, but in supporting others to do the same. 

Active Comadres: 

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