If you're ready to pursue your dreams in community, deeply supported, and showing up as your whole self, we want to welcome you to Las Comadres.

Jump on the waitlist, Comadre. We are excited to know you!

Here's what your days can feel like starting now...

Despite the uncertainty we all face, you start visualizing and journaling on ideas that used to feel out of your reach.

You've met with three Comadres recently who walk you through their experiences, and they all make themselves available. You get creative together in new and exciting ways. You walk out with introductions and new tools to try.

You look forward to checking in with your accountability group every week. You can't believe how important these women have become in your life. At co-working day you dedicate 2 hours to the project you've been putting off for months, and you feel so accomplished.

You come to Sister Circle, and are so glad to have a space where you can just "BE". You've opened up to new business opportunities and closed two new clients from the women in the community. You feel seen, heard, and supported. You're joyful. You are boldly creating a new beginning for you and the world. 

You feel like the woman you really are. 

This is the life you get to create. We do it together. 

This is who we are

"The Universe knew I needed this community and it placed it right in front of me when I needed it the most.
I have never felt more supported, understood and pushed to live an intentional life while dealing with my shadows, scarcity mindset and limited beliefs. I am getting there Comadres and it’s thanks to all of you."


Las Comadres is a community for self-identifying women to come together in a true inclusive sisterhood, to uplift one another in life and business. It's an invitation for us to be guardians of each others' dreams and successes.

This playground is a powerful, loving, juicy, bold, abundant, and fertile ground for growth - for yourself and your business.

Entrepreneurship has always felt deeply personal to us. This is how we support ourselves. This is how we are bringing our gifts to the world. This is how we face our deepest insecurities and overcome - everyday. And we don't have to do it alone. So many of us are craving a deeper experience, deeper connections, true showing up for one another. 

 Las Comadres is where you remember your power and you create the life you dream of, your way.  

Tell me more.
The biggest impact I've had from being part of this community is the ability to know that i can and that I'm not alone.
I know I'm not going through things by myself. Connecting with other women gave me the feeling that "Yes! I can do this". I have a support system. I have women that are up to what I'm up to and have walked in my shoes before." 



In Hispanic culture, mothers and godmothers call each other “comadre”.

It’s also a term of endearment close friends use with one another. Comadres trust each other with the most important pieces of their lives.

Las Comadres is open to all womxn with an entrepreneurial spirit everywhere. Women of all races, ages, backgrounds, life experiences, cisgender women and trans women are welcome here.

If you identify with womanhood and you feel called to be here, you belong here. 

This is where we begin


This community is open for all self-identifying women, from all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. 

In this community you'll connect with new and experienced entrepreneurs, Executive Directors of non-profits, women with 9-5's, side hustles, and women exploring the next phase of their life. 

There is only one requirement: You need to be ready to show up. Las Comadres is for you if you are ready to: 

  • Show up with vulnerability, openness, and heart
  • Hold yourself and your community accountable
  • Bring more soul and purpose into your work
  • Level up & learn to grow your business
  • Step outside of your comfort zone
  • Enjoy and dive into new friendships
  • Grow along with your Comadres in life and business
  • Allow the journey to surprise you with the juicy, amazing life you want

What will you create with a powerful crew of women who have your back?

Every moment of the Las Comadres experience is designed to bring you this impact. This is what women are experiencing every single day

Accountability to get it done

Through our accountability groups, monthly coworking days,  and coaching program, we hold you high and accountable to doing what you're capable of.  

The clarity that comes from more BEING

Las Comadres is a space where you can come as you are. With intimate events like Comadre Cafecitos & Sister Circle, you get to just show up. No agenda and no demands. 

Discover the power of your network

Every woman that joins commits to uplifting everyone here. You'll discover the magic that's possible when you take them up on it, and when you get to do it yourself. 

Grow your bank account and your dreams as big as you want

Go for your dreams and create the prosperity you want along the way, through events, masterclasses, connections, and the coaching program. 

Choose from the following options for your Comadres experience: 

If within 7 days you  feel like this community is not for you, you'll receive a full refund. 

Core Comadres

$67/ month

6 month commitment. Save $134 with annual rate

This tier is the foundational Comadres experience

  • Private Mighty Networks community
  • Private Salons to dive deeper into passions and life experiences
  • Guided 1:1 connections
  • Masterclasses: From Rituals to Money Management
  • Bookclub: Selections to grow your business and your spirit 
  • Monday Cafecitos to kick off your weeks with intention and connection (9AM & 12PM EST)
  • Monthly Coworking Days: A space for accountability and getting things done together (9AM & 2PM EST)
  • Monthly Sister Circle: A gathering with no agenda, where we can just "be" together (7PM EST)
  • Monthly Anti-Racist Circle (Times vary)
  • Networking Events: Getting to know one another more deeply, getting creative and supporting one another (8PM EST)

Comadres Business Coaching

$97/ month

6 month commitment. Save $194 with annual rate. You can upgrade to coaching at any time once you join the community

This tier is for you if you are seeking guidance in starting and growing your businesses. You will join two monthly group coaching calls to support and guide you. You will be part of a smaller sub-community of business owner Comadres.

Everything in Core Comadres (left), plus:

  • (2) Monthly 90-minute Group Business Coaching Zoom Calls led by Co-Founders Gaby Guzman and Jaime Nolan. Wednesdays at noon EST and Sundays at 8PM EST
  • Every session will be led by standout coaches in our community including Luly B., Jennifer Pansa, Vivian Olodun, and others. Topics include: Business Development, Marketing, Selling, Money Mindset. 
  • Private online platform for accountability, support, feedback, and access to our coaches.
  • Coaching calls will be recorded and accessible anytime. 

Every Comadre also enjoys: 

  • A monthly Anti-Racist circle and online space to discuss our experience and process as we commit to dismantling white supremacy together.
  • Masterclasses to learn and grow in your life and business. 
  • 1:1 Matches to create intimate and deeper connections in the community.
  • Daily Practices to honor your shadow and your light as you create the life you want
  • Participate in an accountability program, where you'll be matched with three Comadres and be in an intimate space to go deep, get things done and holding each other high
  • Salons Private spaces within our community for support and conversations on various topics: from Mystics, to Parenting to Dating.
  • Get featured at LUNCH BREAK and our BAZAAR: Feature your business and share your wisdom with the broader community
  • Invite your friends to selected Comadre events
"The women in this community have been instrumental as I continue  to grow my business, from a business, emotional, and friendship standpoint. Last year alone I made over $10K just from clients and referrals that came from Las Comadres. It has allowed my business to grow, and it has allowed me to do what I really love."


This is the membership that will become a powerful network of support in your life.

We have created an intentional, intimate, deep experience where we get to know one another in deep support; with 1:1 matches, Accountability groups, and profound and vulnerable conversations that invite growth healing and the motivation to get into inspired action. 

To see an impact from this community, we ask that you commit to a minimum of 2 hours a month. The impact will be transformational. 


Two years ago we launched in Miami, FL. Since then, we've built a solid foundation and a powerful sisterhood.

We are incredibly proud of the full, rich, and juicy online experience we have created together. We're proud of the intimate, motivating, and insightful experiences we host every week. 

And now it's your turn to count on this community as your own. 

No matter where you are, you can find home with us.  

Meet Your Hosts


Gaby Guzman, Co-Founder of Las Comadres is a Business Coach, Strategist and “Madrina.” Over the past five years, Gaby has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs find their voice, tell their stories, and incorporate soul-work and strategy into businesses where they thrive, their way. She is committed to helping women become who they really are, so they can be free.

Originally from Dominican Republic, Gaby’s career experience ranges from Management Consulting to Advertising and Communications.

Gaby lives in Miami with her son. She is passionate about energy work, beautiful interiors, Mexican food and civic engagement.

Meet your Hosts


Jaime Nolan is a Life Coach and Business Strategist. Over the last fifteen years Jaime has helped hundreds of people find their true self and live the life they dream of. She is committed to helping people share big ideas and to see their greatness, by turning chaos into calm, so that they can see their true potential. Jaime’s career experience ranges from Health and Wellness to Mindset work.

Jaime is a mom to three girls, she is the friend who will always be there for you and help you believe that you can do hard things. She will never refuse a cafecito and she will always offer to drive. 

"Las Comadres is unlike any networking group out there. What I like the most is that it's not a place where you have to have a certain structure or be a certain way. This is the place where you can show up as your authentic self. 
I was looking for the rebels, the artists, the outsiders, the creative thinkers, spiritual, with a sense of humor. This isn't the formulaic networking place. You could unfurl your sails here, and be who you were. That's a very freeing place to be. That's unlike any other place."


The reason you have this dream is because it is yours to create - from launching that coaching business, to moving your business online for good, to creating that passion project you've put on the backburner for years. 

You get to do it surrounded by women who truly see you, honor you, and are committed to your success.

It's time to trust each other, celebrate each other, rely on each other again. We reclaim our power through reclaiming sisterhood. 

Get on the Waitlist, Comadre!

We'll invite you to exclusive events and you'll be the first to know when we open our doors again. 

"You have managed to bring some of the loveliest people together, and in a short amount of time I've made really solid connections that I can't imagine not having in my life. You give that gift by following through on your vision.
There's not one area of your life that isn't impacted by Las Comadres once you get into the full experience with trust and open up yourself to it. You've created a safe community and you make it work everyday. You turned my 2019 around, and you helped me set up to start 2020 really strong."


If this community is speaking to you, if you're feeling this calling - this is your time. This is what we commit to:

Showing Up:

This is a community where you set an intention, make a commitment, and show up. The more you put into it, the more you will receive in return. Your experience is yours. We invite you to own it.  


Practicing Vulnerability:

We want to see and know the whole you - the light and the dark, the parts of you that you celebrate and the ones you fear. Las Comadres is about showing up whole beyond business in sharing and celebration of our full lives.

An Anti-Racist Practice:

When you are part of our community, you commit to an anti-racist practice. This means we actively work to dismantle white supremacy. We face how it harms all of us and permeates every realm of our lives - from our own biases, to childbirth to funding for your business. That means we stand for justice, we stand for Black lives, and for all BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color). An anti-racist practice is essential for the true sisterhood we are creating in this community everyday. We do it with humility, openness, and respect. Until we are all free, none of us are free.


Going Outside of your Comfort Zone:

Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone. This is why you joined - to try new things, to be courageous, to grow. You know that thing that scares you because you know how powerful you’ll feel if you do it? You get to do it here. In community.

Answers to your questions

"This last year has been a year of investment in myself, growing, experimenting new things, breaking through my fears, working on my introversion, a lot of networking and finally getting to feel at home in Miami.
All that, translates into the confidence I need to be able to get WHATEVER I WANT next year. This wouldn't have been possible without your support, Comadres.
You help me be a better person, just by watching your transparency, vulnerability and integrity, in this space for love and good vibes."