Las Comadres is a membership community for women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who are ready 

to reclaim sisterhood and support one another in life and in business.


Mothers and godmothers call each other “comadre”. It’s also a term of endearment close female friends use with one another. This is a community welcome to all self-identifying women, from all backgrounds and experiences. Comadres trust each other with the most important pieces of their lives. Las Comadres℠ is an invitation for us to be guardians of each others' dreams and successes.

"As an artist and someone who works really hard, I love having a space where I can have ease. Here I can find community that supports my entire life, not just my career." 

- Keba Williams, Singer Songwriter 

What you can create here:

Here's what your days can feel like...

You start visualizing and journaling on ideas that used to feel out of your reach.

You've met with three Comadres recently who walk you through their experiences, and they all make themselves available to support you. You walk out of those conversations with introductions and new tools to try.

You look forward to checking in with your accountability group every week. You can't believe how important these women have become in your life.

At co-working day you dedicate 2 hours to the project you've been putting off for months, and you feel so accomplished.

You come to Sister Circle, and are so glad to have a space where you can just "BE".

You've opened up to new business opportunities and closed two new clients from the women in the community.

You feel seen, heard, and supported. You're joyful. You are boldly creating a new beginning for you and the world. 

You feel like the woman you really are. 

We do it together

You can find Comadres all over the world!

Our own community submitted the words that remind them of the feeling 

of Comadres, in their own cultures...

Macomere  *  Titi  *  Auntie

Mẹ đỡ đầu”- “dì”-“cô”- “bạn gái  * Amiguis 

Tia  *  Amiga  *  Kama’aina 

Zizi *  Maasi Saheli  * Tata

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