"Am I READY to join Las Comadres?"

Every time we open our doors, we hear this question.

Maybe you’re at the very beginning stages of your business. Maybe you’re at your 9-5 job, and you’re not sure if you can contribute or make the most out of the experience.

One of the greatest things about this community is that YOU make your experience here. When you join, every Comadre is encouraged to set a clear intention, for some it is friendship, support, growth, courage. Whatever it is for you, you get to make it real YOUR way. This community is designed to offer you the flexibility and creativity to create an experience that works for you.


We believe that every woman has something to contribute - no matter what stage of business you’re in.

We’ve heard from women with full-time jobs, growing their business on the side who say that this community is what keeps them plugged in to the entrepreneurial space. Women have started businesses while in Las Comadres, left full-time jobs and taken the leap. Some women are here for inspiration to help fuel creative projects and pursuits.


This is what we know for sure…

If you’re feeling called to be here, then you belong here…and you belong here now.

So often as women we keep waiting to be “ready”, “qualified”, “worthy”. We invite you to drop the fear holding you back, and take a chance on yourself and on community. Make the conscious choice to make the time and space for this community - and know you will have a whole community of women supporting you on the path.

The 3 Magic Ingredients of Community

They say you teach what you need to learn. All my life I have battled with the limiting belief that "I have to do it alone." "It" being, well...essentially everything. 

My higher self really loves me and believes I can handle a challenge. Last Summer my intuition practically smacked me into starting a real community of women supporting each other and making it the cornerstone of my business. After almost a year, this lesson of knowing I am supported is already running deep in me.

Las Comadres opened for registration yesterday. 

Here's what I've learned is essential in order for this to work: 

1) Vulnerability: 

I'm talking that you do everything you can to walk into a space, let your guard down, open your heart, and be ready for magic to happen. When everyone walks into a space with this intention - willing to be honest, raw, and trust in the best in each other - well magic inevitably does happen. 

2) Stepping outside of your comfort zone: 

You GOTTA be willing to get uncomfortable. There's a reason you haven't started the business/ doubled your income/ gone for that big collaboration/ fully stepped into your power yet. There are steps along the way that can sometimes feel scary and bring up our shit. And guess what? When we ALL face them together, and you know you have 100+ women holding you through it, you remember you can do ANYTHING.  

3) Choosing to believe in yourself and remember you belong every single day: 

We all get to make this choice. Even the people around you who you think have their shit together the most. They too have to make a conscious choice everyday - sometimes every moment - to trust themselves, to trust their journey, to embrace support and love. And on the days when you don't, you have a group of women who are there ready to jump in and support you and remind you of your beauty and worth. 

Comadres Collage 1.png

How it all began.

On a rainy evening in June 2018, I hosted a Summer Soirée and invited all my clients. Over the previous three years I had worked with over 150 women. Each time, we had gathered in intimate spaces for workshops, learning, connection. Each time, women walked out feeling inspired, supported, and ready to take on the world. At this particular gathering - the request came loud and clear - "We need more of this."


Two months later, "Las Comadres" was born. It was an opportunity to bring structure and a solid framework to our natural magic. The vibe is supportive, real, raw, and magical. We work everyday to be more authentically ourselves and we know the way to get there is through connecting and supporting each other. 


Las Comadres will ALWAYS be community first. It is a space for you to show up exactly as you are, and you will be welcomed and uplifted. Every woman here sets an intention to create the experience she needs.

Every woman here has the opportunity to dive into real sisterhood in a way she never has before. 


Las Comadres opens every quarter for registration, so that we can hold the sacred space that we are creating, and grow this community consciously.

We are committed to holding each other high, accountable, and owning our worth and gifts together.

We hope you’ll join us.