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Mothers and godmothers call each other “comadre”. It’s also a term of endearment close female friends use with one another. This is a community welcome to all self-identifying women, from all backgrounds and experiences. Comadres trust each other with the most important pieces of their lives. Las Comadres℠ is an invitation for us to be guardians of each others' dreams and successes.

What you experience with Las Comadres 

Intimate Virtual Events Centered on Connection, Intimacy, Growth, and Support


Expand your Network, Find  Accountability, and Make New Friends

Connect in our Dynamic Online Space on everything from Mysticism to Business Growth 

"As an artist and someone who works really hard, I love having a space where I can have ease. Here I can find community that supports my entire life, not just my career." 

- Keba Williams, Singer Songwriter 


Las Comadres is: powerful virtual events, accountability, deep connections, and support with creating the full life you're dreaming of.

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Our vision is that every woman is empowered to be who she really is so that she can be free.

We do it together.

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I became a Comadre because I was beginning a new role, leading an organization as a one-woman operation and was desperately in need of community with women who were also birthing new initiatives. Since joining, I have been able to get feedback on how to make my work more accessible, received accounting advice, hired fellow comadres for marketing and printing services. I’ve been able to connect with coaches and wellness practitioners who have been great resources for my self-care journey.

- Krystina Francois, Executive Director - Office of New Americans

You can find Comadres all over the world!

Our own community submitted the words that remind them of the feeling of Comadres, in their own cultures...

Macomere  *  Titi  *  Auntie

Mẹ đỡ đầu”- “dì”-“cô”- “bạn gái  * Amiguis 

Tia  *  Amiga  *  Kama’aina 

Zizi *  Maasi Saheli  * Tata


“I collaborated with Keiry Herrera on table linens designs for a line of unique table settings printed by her screen printing shop! We’ve launched and are taking orders! I’m beyond exited and honored to be working so many delicious projects with all of you fabulous ladies!”

- Miriam Soberanes, Artist & Designer